The Visitation is the second feature film to be made from a Frank Peretti novel. Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox and produced by Namesake Entertainment in association with Total Living Network and Signal Hill Pictures.

Plot Synopsis: When a mysterious, self-proclaimed prophet arrives in Antioch, the small town becomes a gateway for the supernatural. Messianic images, healings and miracles, bring the once crumbling town to life. The entire town talks about Brandon Nichols, the "Antioch Phenomenon", or maybe the "Messiah". Travis Jordan, Kyle Sherman, and Morgan Elliott are not convinced by his powerful influence on Antioch, and unconventionally unite to uncover the truth behind the mysterious "man of miracles", before the unthinkable occurs.

MPAA Rating: Anticipate PG-13
Running Time: 100 minutes (Estimate)

Director: Robby Henson (The Badge, Pharaoh's Army)

Writing Credits: Brian Godawa (To End All Wars)
Based on the book by Frank Peretti.

Martin Donovan...Travis Jordan
Edward Furlong...Brandon Nichols
Kelly Lynch...Morgan Elliot
Randy Travis...Kyle Sherman
Richard Tyson...Sheriff Brett Henchle
Priscilla Barnes...Dee Henchle
Hillary Tuck...Darlene Henchle
Noah Segan...Michael Elliot

Producers: Joe Goodman, Bobby Neutz, Ralph Winter

Executive Producers: Jerry Rose, Bobby Downes, Kevin Downes

Co-Producers: Frank Peretti, Kelly Neutz, Scott Derrickson

Associate Producer: Justin Hill