Launched in 1995, this series of 12 novels by authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins are unique, science fiction thrillers based on Biblical prophecy. In the spirit of the series "V", the program presents an end-of-the-world drama of Good vs. Evil set in the here and now. The characters in this epic production are likable, young freedom fighters who must confront the greatest Evil in all of history. "Left Behind" is produced by Coleman Luck, Ralph Winter, Joe Goodman and Bobby Neutz.

Since their introduction, the Left Behind series of books have sold nearly 35 million copies and have established themselves as a powerhouse on The New York Times best seller list. Like the novels, the TV series focuses on the desperate struggle between Light and Darkness during the concluding period of history that the Bible calls the Great Tribulation.

Set in the present time, the television series follows the rise of a charismatic world leader whose many gifts go far beyond those of a normal man. Coming to power during a period of great terror, he offers hope and answers as a series of horrific crises confront the nations of the world. But unknown to his many followers, he is a master at presenting the beautiful side of evil. Within him converges a shadow-world of supernatural Darkness and amazing power.

The first of the terrors that confronts humanity is the instantaneous disappearance of millions. As the fulfillment of prophecy, in one cataclysmic moment a large percentage of the global population simply vanishes from the earth. Those left behind face war, famine, plagues and natural disasters so devastating that only one in four people will survive. For enemies of the man known in the ancient scriptures as the Antichrist, chances of survival are even worse.